MyLiveBook Help webpage

Getting started

How can I access MyLiveBook?
What is MyLiveBook?
How do I create an account?
Where can I see the eBooks on my account?
What is an access code?
What features are in MyLiveBook?

How to

How do I change the description associated with a highlight?
How do I add a note to my content?
How do I add a comment to my content?
How do I highlight content ?
How do I zoom into the content/ increase the content size?
How do I navigate through my content?
How do I access my content?
How do I redeem a Code?

User Accounts

How can I edit my profile / user account?
How can I change my password
Where can I see all of my notes, comments and highlights in once place (across all of my content)?


I can no longer access my content, it states Expired, Why?
Am I able to print MyLiveBook content?
Am I able to copy content from the books?
Why does MyLiveBook ask for my date of birth when signing up?
Why does MyLiveBook require that my password is of a certain strength?
Why has the description of my highlight changed in my content?
Why can’t I select the text in the content to add a comment or highlight?
I cannot see the Annotations panel in my content, how do I find it?
How do I review the notes, comments and highlights I have made in my content?
I cannot see the table of contents navigation tree in my content, how do I find it?
How can I use MyLiveBook on my phone or tablet?
Which web browsers are supported by MyLiveBook?
Why do I receive the message You have entered an e-mail address for an unactivated account, please click here to resend the activation e-mail. when I try to sign in?
Why am I told my access code is invalid?
Why do I have to enter my password when claiming an access code?
I didn’t receive the activation email when I signed up to MyLiveBook
I don’t have access to my email account so will be unable to click on the link in the activation email, what should I do?